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I believe that children learn the best through play. It is my responsibility as a teacher to provide a learning rich enviornment. I have a center based preschool, meaning that I will provide different areas in the classroom to help children explore and discover their world at their own pace and in their own intrests. Centers include: Art, Science, Math, Dramatic Play, Writing & Literacy, Gross Motor, and Blocks & Building. While the children are encouraged to explore all areas, try new things, and take turns, they can spend the majority of their time doing what they find interesting to them.

Basic overview of my school: Each week will will focus on a theme that is relevant to the children and the world around them. We will have a color of the month where one day a week we will have a wear and share day where the children can wear the color of the month and bring something into school to "show and tell" with the other children. Each week we will focus on a letter of the alphabet. Children are encouraged to bring in pictures from magazines or newspapers, or drawings that begin with the letter to add to our letter board. 3 year olds will focus more on letter recognition where 4 year olds will focus on begining sounds and writing the letter.

I use the Frontline Phonics program to teach letters and letter sounds, this is the same program that is used at Learning Dynamics.  This program is easy for the children to follow and keeps them excited about learning their letter names and sounds.

I have adapted my curriculum to follow the new Utah CORE guidelines. I have attended seminars and conferences to learn these new practices.  By doing this I hope to help the children have a smooth transition into Kindergarten by teaching them the same way as they will be taught in the Elementary Schools.

We will take 4 field trips during the year that will support the theme we are learning for the week. Please see my policies and procedures for more information on field trips.
As far as goals are concerned please click the link below to see my specific goals for the children before they go into Kindergarten.
Preschool Development Goals

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2019-2020 Registration

Thank you for taking the time to look into my preschool. Here is some information at a glance and the links on the left will give you a little more information about me and my curriculum.

Morning Pre K Class- For children who are 4 before September 1st
THIS CLASS IS FULL Monday Wednesday Friday 9:15-11:30 am $90/ Month $40 Registration Fee
Afternoon Pre K Class for children who are 4 before September 1st
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 12:00-2:15pm
$90/ Month $40 Registration Fee

Little Learners- for children who are 3 before September 1st
THIS CLASS IS FULL Tuesday Thursday 9:15-11:30 am $80/Month $40 Registration fee *Children must be potty trained

If you would like more information or would like to see the school please give me a call. I know that it is a big decision to pick a preschool for your child. I would love to meet with you and talk about your expectations before you decide. I have an open door policy and if you would like to come and observe my class room you ar…

Registration & Tuition

Pre K Program

$90/ Month, $40 Registration fee

Little Learners

$80/ Month, $40 Registration fee

Tuition is due the first of the month.

Registration fee includes Materials for the year and pays for any field trips we will take.

Print Registration Form and mail, drop by or email to

Alisha Dawdy

9106 Kilkenny Way
Eagle Mountain, Utah 84005

Registration Form

My Preschool House

I have been teaching preschool in my home for the past six years and I love it!  I have tried very hard to provide a safe, loving, nurturing enviornment for the children that come to my school. 

Unlike most in-home preschools, I am licensed and insured.  I have city and state guidelines that I follow to make sure that your children are well taken care of while they are with me.  Licensed preschools are held to a higher standard and I am proud to say that my school meets and exceeds their requirements. 

Along with my Degree in Early Childhood Education, I am CPR and First Aid Certified and I have my food handlers permit.

We just moved into our new home that we had designed around my preschool. The school itself is 510 square feet of pure fun!

I would love to meet you and have you see the school in person.